Shuang Guo

I Am Willing To Learn To Tremble

2019 | Buch
Zum Werk

"I Am Willing To Learn To Tremble" is published in China (Mainland) in 2019. Based on  fieldwork in Germany, this book writes about a new generation of Chinese who loved Grimm's fairy tales from an early age. After adulthood, she went to Germany to explore the influence of ancient fairy tales on contemporary ordinary people and families. It is the echo of fairy tales and the common secret of the human soul.

 "I Am Willing To Learn To Tremble " won three awards in 2020 as below:
The Eslite Book Store Award (The Best Writer of Year),
The Chinese Youth Writer Award (The nominee  award of The Best Non-fiction Book of Year)
The Zhongshan Star Award (The Best Writer of Year)


  • Guo Shuang (c) Yituo
    Shuang Guo (*1984 in Guizhou) studierte Chinesische und Englische Literatur und ist heute journalistisch tätig. Ihr Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf der Berichterstattung über das kulturelle Geschehen in China. Sie gründete die „Mirror Weekly“, eine...